Featured Project: The Connection Magazine

by | Aug 26, 2015


So you want to craft the healthy, balanced life of your dreams, but let’s face it—you’re busy. You work. A lot. You have family and social obligations. You’re lucky if you can manage a home cooked meal or get to the gym more than a couple times a year.

But maybe, just maybe, armed with the right resources, life could be different. Better.

That was the thinking that led Health Dimensions, a national leader in workplace wellness programs, to self-publish a health and wellness magazine. They wanted to make it easier for working people to lead better, healthier lives. And with the help of LH DESIGN, The Connection: Your Guide to Better Living just celebrated the publication of their twenty-fourth edition.

The latest issue offers readers tips on getting motivated to exercise, the low-down on 529 college savings plans, the top 10 foods for a healthier brain, a delicious step-by-step salad recipe, and so much more. For working people, it’s an easy-to-read resource that contains quick ways to make life better and live longer. And who couldn’t use a better, longer life?

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LH DESIGN has managed The Connection: Your Guide to Better Living Magazine for over a decade. Our team oversees publication schedules and deadlines, manages advertiser artwork submissions, offers advertiser design services, fields article submissions from writers, sources photography, designs and lays out the entire publication, and liaises with the printer on file delivery and proofing.

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